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We are lowering the price of the last T-Bones & Targets on Aug 20th. The new price will be $55. The NWTF will still be sponsoring it, however, there will ... Important T-Bones & Targets Update — Central Penn ... 31.01.2016 07:06:12 http://centralpennsportingclays.com/?p=2664

Thank you for all who made this day a great time, despite the ?’able weather. Larry Bollinger, Bill Kunkel, Lou Kunkel and Ben RIckard kept the course ... Results of Butcher Block Blast/Splash — Central Penn ... 31.01.2016 07:06:12 http://centralpennsportingclays.com/?p=1444

There has been a last minute cancellation for lessons with Anthony Matarese. He now has a 4-5:30 slot available on May 2nd. Cost is $125 hour, lessons are ... Anthony Matarese Cancellation — Central Penn Sporting ... 31.01.2016 07:06:12 http://centralpennsportingclays.com/?p=2299

We are gearing up for our 2014-2015 bird hunting season. If you don’t already know, we do offer two kinds of membership; individual and corporate. Bird Hunting Season is upon us! — Central Penn Sporting ... 31.01.2016 07:06:12 http://centralpennsportingclays.com/?p=2652

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Summer Smash registered shoot. All scores and lewis winners are listed below. Lewis Winners: All ties were broken ... 2015 Summer Smash Results — Central Penn Sporting Clays ... 31.01.2016 07:06:12 http://centralpennsportingclays.com/?p=2865

T-BONES & TARGETS Only a few more days to sign up for our 3rd T-Bones & Targets of the year. Our next event will be Wednesday, July, 15th. Dinner is served ... T-Bones & Targets — Central Penn Sporting Clays ... 31.01.2016 07:06:12 http://centralpennsportingclays.com/?p=2860